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Against Judaism

I can tolerate racism but not hypocrisy.  If someone says "my race is superior and I prefer my race" then I will respectfully disagree.  But if someone says "I oppose racism" while at the same time clearly acting in a racist manner in support of their own race, I will be disgusted.  This latter case is exactly what Judaism does today.

While I generally oppose Liberalism, I give Liberals credit for opposing racism.  This is probably their only redeeming feature.  But there is an exception, namely Liberal Jews.  Liberal Jews are racist, though they deny it.  Liberal Jews are the only group that I can think of that have absolutely no redeeming features at all.

If you want to see Jewish hypocricy in action, read this thread:

It was this thread that made me realize that "Judaism" and following the Torah are quite different things.  The word "Judaism" comes from the word "Judah".  This makes Judaism into a racial designation, namely the descendants of the nation of Judah.  I am of this race, but since I strongly oppose racism, I do not want to be defined by my race.  I do not want to use a label for myself that is racially based.  Instead, I want a label that describes my values which are Torah values.  This is why the name "Biblic Judaism" no longer works in my mind.