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British Values

The British Government has suggested swearing an oath to British values. Forgive me for this slightly off topic subject but in any break away culture (such as Brexit) it may be valuable to state some values that the culture proposes. Clearly giving the values of Democracy, Equality and Diversity the suggestion is that the British Public Sector worker should swear an oath to 'American Liberalism' or some form of disguised 'British Feminism'. The result will be a truly right wing individual who considers himself to be one of the British Army solders fighting off the Zulus in Africa? The opposite of what the UK Government is hoping for and at best an oath to follow popular fashionable ideas, subject to change.

British Values
Resilience: Being tough enough to handle the existing situation.
Tolerance: Doing so for some time thus playing for time.
'The Old Fox': Strategize, by using the time to develop slick ploys to defeat our enemies in a civilised manner.

These are the true British values (with the last being a slight insult), and can also be embraced by our enemies with our blessing. There is no requirement for Feminism, and no requirement for American Liberalism, but these are not rejected and could still exist as popular fashions. There is no direct requirement to become right or left wing. The soldiers at Rorke's Drift are not referred to. The values are transferable to immigrants with their diverse religions as well as various disabled people of various types. These values lean toward Christian values and they handle conflict and compromise as well as giving the character of the people and our nation in a traditional sense.

It seems essential to convert the Spirit of the meaning into an accurate Letter of the meaning to get a useful and usable result. It's sad to have to point this out.