How Feminism Destroys Society

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How Feminism Destroys Society

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It is widely accepted by this audience that feminism destroys society.  But I have yet to see a convincing explanation for how this happens.

One common argument is that feminism destroys marriage and so men without a family aren't motivated to work.  This sounds logical in theory but isn't beared out in practice.  What we have in the real world is a society where most men are manginas, desperate for status and money in the hope that these will deliver sex.  And these manginas are quite willing to work hard, and they do in America today.  In spite of the fact that Americans are working as hard as ever, America is clearly in economic decline.

Another argument is that children raised without fathers tend to be less productive.  This is true but still fails to explain the facts.  In many societies in history, large numbers of men were killed at war leaving many children without fathers.  These societies did not collapse as a result.  So while the loss of fatherhood is certainly harmful, it fails to explain how a society can collapse because of feminism.

My belief is that feminism destroys society by destroying trust and cooperation in society.  I believe that trust requires that the sexes be separated.  When the sexes are mixed, it is the natural instinct of men to compete for women and to try to impress women.  And it is the instinct of women to compete for the attention of men.  Competition is the opposite of cooperation.  When the sexes are segregated, people have no immediate reason to compete socially and so cooperation is possible.  I know from personal experience that a conversation of just men is completely different from a conversation that includes women.  When there are only men, the men tend to be more straight forward and less concerned with how they appear.  This kind of honest direct communication allows trust to be established.

Another aspect of this break down of trust is that fact that society becomes very sexually unequal with some men monopolizing all the women.  This makes all men subconsciously aware that society is an intense sexual competition with no fairness or equality.  So while the manginas may work hard, their sense of competition is intense and overrides any sense of honesty or decency.  They will do anything to get laid including stabbing their fellow man in the back.

The book Trust: The Social Virtues and The Creation of Prosperity makes clear that the economy of a society depends on its trust structure.  In societies with mild mixing of the sexes, trust can still exist within a family where there is no sexual competition.  This book describes such societies.  They can survive but won't be nearly as prosperous as a high-trust society.  In societies with virulent feminism, even the extended family can't survive and so no one trust anyone else and society simply collapses.  All of the high-trust societies were based on segregating the sexes and encouraging female modesty.  But most of these societies are afflicted by feminism today and are rapidly becoming low-trust societies and will soon collapse.  The financial scandals that we have recently seen are examples of the kind of trust violations that destroy society.