Just watched cathouse hbo series.

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Just watched cathouse hbo series.

In my on going research on prostitution, I watched HBO's cathouse series. It's a documentary on the Bunny Ranch, one of several legal brothels in Nevada. None of these brothels have any pricing transparency. They seem to expect guys to fly in from all over the country and then negotiate with individual women on the premises. What a load of crap. So I watched the documentary with the explicit point of recording prices whenever I heard them. Here's the results (and they're ridiculous):

- All weekend: $30,000
- 3hrs: $10,000
- 1hr: $3,000
- 20 min (no sex): $200

The nontransparent pricing is a really lousy way to run a business. They claim it's because each girl has her own pricing, but I think it's just to reel suckers in.

These must be the world's most overpriced vaginas. For starters the women are ugly. Most rank as 5's or 6's. That's OK if you're NOT paying for it (getting it free). It's even OK if you're paying for it and you're paying DIRT CHEAP. You should get what you pay for. But when you're spending thousands of dollars, you better damn well get a smoking hot 8 or 9. But it doesn't stop there. You'd think for paying several thousand dollars, the prostitutes would at least be clean and well manicured. In reality they look like zombies. Nearly all of them have some variation of a barbwire/tribal/heart tattoo stamped on their ass. Most of them also have a bunch of metal crap stapled into their face. Only one or two girls had natural decent looks. The rest compensated by having hideous boobjobs bolted on to their sagging bodies. Most of the women weren't even young, they looked to be pushing 40. Most have a rough ghetto mentality, very few of the ladies acted feminine. A very liberal atmosphere dominated this brothel, which seemed to favor all sorts of fetishes. More conservative straightforward sex seemed to be frowned on.

The brothel itself is a trailer park dump. It's nothing more than a few mobile rental units sandwiched together with duck tape. You'd think for all the money that flows in there, it'd look half decent - it doesn't. Their customers might as well screw in a cardboard box.

This is what national outlawing of prostitution has lead to, a small group of empowered feminist whores invoking protectionism. Under this reign of protectionism they manipulate the legal brothel prices, monopolize the industry and fetch artificially inflated prices that can't compete in an unrestricted market.

Mexico is looking better every day.
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Re: Just watched cathouse hbo series.

In these days of the Internet,
Only a total newbie or a fool would bother with Nevada prices.

Drealm wrote
1 Hour: $3000
You can easily get 7s-9s who will give the same service in Canada for $200-250. And *THAT* sounds expensive to me!