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I have spent the last year focused on religion.  You can see my thoughts on the Mikraite site.  I have recently realized that Christianity is a lost cause but I haven't posted this on the Mikraite forum yet.  The reason is complicated and I won't explain it here.  I have been going to a Greek Orthodox church regularly and I have been studying Christianity.  I chose Orthodox Christianity because it seemed the most promising version of Christianity.  I now know that it will not be able to survive liberalism and will be corrupted like virtually all of Christianity is.  Christian countries all have high illegitimacy rates, so they are all hopeless.  I haven't studied the Anabaptists enough to judge them, but they are obscure enough that I don't think they are a viable option for most here.

At this time, I see 3 possible solutions for a sane society.  The most promising is serious Judaism.  The other 2 are Islam and Japan.

Serious Judaism includes Orthodox Judaism and Karaite Judaism but not Reform or Conservative Judaism.  I am sure that serious Judaism will succeed in resisting liberalism.  The problem with today's Judaism is that it has a lot of crazy and unfriendly beliefs.  In particular, it is racist.  As a non-Jew, you must either convert or be treated as a second class citizen of Judaism (a Noahide).  To convert to Orthodox Judaism, you must either keep absurd laws like their dietary laws, or succeed in lying about it.  I personally think lying is fine in this case.  Judaism itself was founded by Jacob (later named Israel) who got his birthright by lying, so lying is certainly acceptable in the Jewish tradition.  Conversion to Karaite Judaism is much more reasonable but won't be accepted by other branches of Judaism.  Being a Noahide is probably a reasonable option as well.  The main point here is just to tie oneself and one's family to serious Judaism as a culture.  Now that I have written off Christianity, I will study Judaism much more seriously.  I would be interested in feedback from anyone here who investigates this option.

I don't know enough about Islam to say much about it.  I find the Quran to be completely unreadable which is why I didn't pursue Islam further.  But I know enough to Islam to believe that it will also succeed in resisting liberalism.

I lived in Japan for a year 20 years ago.  Japan had a very good culture then.  It still seems to have one of the world's best cultures but there are signs of trouble.  On the plus side, the illegitimacy rate is very low and the legal system remains uncorrupted by feminism.  On the minus side, the average age of marriage for women has risen from 25 when I was there 20 years ago to 30 today.  So this could go either way.  If they manage to keep the illegitimacy rate low, then feminist women who don't marry will simply be bred out of the population which would be great.  But how long can young people remain unmarried without the illegitimacy rate rising?  This situation is unstable and must be resolved one way or the other.  Japan needs further investigation.

I have discussed these issues with my kids and they have agreed to choose one of these culture.  My daughter has chosen Judaism and my son is undecided between Judaism and Japan.  I will take a trip with my family to Japan and Israel so that my son can decide.  I personally will pursue Judaism though at my age it is less of an issue.  The cesspool of mainstream culture will continue to sink, so the younger one is, the more important it is to choose an alternate culture.