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Some Censorship

I think I have been banned from at least 100 forums.  I never personally attack anyone in a forum.  All bans are the result of expressing politically incorrect ideas.  With this much experience at being banned, I now have a pretty good idea when my ban is coming in a forum.  In the City-Data forum on religion, I sensed that my time was coming and said so.  Here is the last response to my post:

Nozzferrahhtoo wrote
fschmidt wrote
I should make a slight correction, Atheism and Modern Christianity are tied for the world's most intolerant religion and never tolerate me expressing my thoughts.
Still just making things up I see after all these pages?

Tell me exactly what in the sentence "There is no reason to think that the universe was created by a willful, conscious, intelligent agent" stops you from "expressing your thoughts".

No one is stopping you expressing your thoughts. You just have a persecution complex. What we are doing is DISAGREEING with your thoughts. If you want to misconstrue the latter as the former in order to make it look like you are being persecuted and held down then so be it. But no one is falling for this except possibly you yourself.

By the time this was posted, I had already been banned.  Undoubtedly the irony of this was lost to all the Modern morons who participate in that forum, but we can appreciate it here.

Modern culture is a despicable culture of lies, so it cannot tolerate open debate and must use censorship to squash opposing opinions.  But here in the CoAlpha Forum we are reactionaries which means that the truth is on our side, so we have no need for censorship and we never have and never will practice censorship.