The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (book)

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The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (book)

I highly recommend The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture.

I have wondered why my interpretation of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is so different from other people's interpretations.  This book answers this for me, explaining what I hadn't been fully conscious of.  When was younger, I read and rejected Plato.  I rejected the concept of an ideal external absolute truth.  And so I constructed my own way of looking at the world that is completely different from Western thought.  After reading this book, I realize that the way of looking at the world that I had constructed is the same as the way the authors of the Hebrew Bible looked at the world.  And this is why I instantly liked the Hebrew Bible so much.  But at the same time, I wasn't fully aware of this philosophical agreement when I read the Hebrew Bible.  The reason for this is that the translators of the Bible who translated from Hebrew to English also translated the concepts from Biblical Hebrew thinking to Western thinking, and so much of the underlying philosophy has been lost in translation.

The author of this book, Yoram Hazony, understands Western philosophy and understands Biblical Hebrew.  And unlike almost everyone else, he understands the Biblical Hebrew way of thinking.  This has put him in a position to actually explain what the Hebrew Bible is trying to say at a deep philosophical level.  The result is this book.

Quite simply, this book is required reading.  Unless you understand Biblical Hebrew and have rejected Plato on your own, you will not be able to understand the Hebrew Bible without reading this book.  So read it.