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I have written this in many other web-sites and wish to solicit opinions.  How many agree with my analysis?  Disagree?  Both?  Explain.

{(I will be using some uncouth words and referring to lewd subjects. I will censor as much as possible and beg your pardons for broaching these subjects!)}

[~} Why would a man want 'strong' females?? If females are 'strong' {(mentally and physically like males)}, then why are there two genders??

[~} It leads to p**-marital re*ations, which is a SIN!  If males and females are mixing, the male will pursue the female as a dog's instinct's attract it to a bone ~ also, the females become well-aware of this and their egos become the size of homes.  Finally, the male doesn't concentrate on his studies and valuable part of his learning-time is lost.  This also allows the females to usurp his political power.

[~} Females tend to be slightly less logical if left on their own.  This leads them to do STUPID things like think that g*y-rights is not immoral.  This is also a sin.  Societies then have their faiths destroyed by p**-marital re*ations and g*y-rights sins!

[~} The more information one fills a female's brain with, the more masculine she becomes. Violence and other subjects that females should feel some compunctions at discussing become normal for her. She becomes comfortable discussing anything openly. The vital feminine trait of feeling shy that women express is then lost forever. Again, why would any male want this??

[~} Why should females be improperly dressed?? If her upper and lower body are not covered then it means men she is not married to can view her. Also, her father and mother and family relatives shouldn't be comfortable with knowing their daughters are being viewed like this by the public's males.

[~} If females are self-sufficient then a male's self-worth declines. It makes men feel useless and they feel purposeless. Males want to have a wife to look after and this motivates them. A female's motivation should be to be a pillar for her husband. All cultures arising isolated from each other since time-immemorial came to this conclusion.

[~} Females give birth and so have maternal instincts. Mother-hood is natural to them. They can be trained to be like males but why would one want that? Also, for healthy males, it's important to have a gender TOTALLY DIFFERENT from us that can be a counter-balance to our more dominating and aggressive behaviour.

[~} It is abnormal for a woman to have any sort of power over a man. If she has political-power over a man, he feels as if an inferior being is ruling him. For a male, this is tantamount to a female being ra*ed. Imagine every female in the world feeling this way 24 hours a day for the rest of her life. This is what normal men feel when a female decides their futures.

[~} I want to feel abashed and ashamed around females. If there is a uni-gender society then it is impossible to do that. Male-female friendship is an example of this problem. All men have female friends now and this is WRONG! Men should have only male friends and females should only have women friends.

All these above issues are related to feminism {(women's education, women's sports, women's jobs)}. Feminism is hence the PUREST evil!!!! It is much worse than any Anglo-Saxon white-supremacy that wiped out entire cultures, more pernicious than cholera and AIDS, more destructive than World-War II where men fought like savages against each and even worse than the sin of p**-marital re*ations!!